Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Kinda Disappointed

Yvette and I work hard on these kits, spend money and our time making them and still give them out for free!!
So we feel a little disappointed that people are quick to snag our kits but leave no thank yous
I mean it doesn't take a minute to say thanks
We really appreciate the ones that do say thanks and leave nice comments we do read them all. I made a kit yesterday purchased the ladybugs because I thought they would make a fab kit and that kit already has 802 downloads but only 139 thank you's, I mean wow so i'm thinking whats the point.
Anyways rant over lmao just wanted to say it doesn't take a minute to say thanks :p


Anonymous said...

I love all of your gorgeous kits and I've appericated your generousity in sharing your beautiful kits with us. I'm off to download your newest kits hehe
You both ROCK

Frosted Illusions said...

This is my rant too hun. You have to sit and wait for the 4shared link right? as sad as i am lol, i worked out you can say thank you at least 8 times whilst you wait for the link and that was typing with one finger!
Come on guys theres not many people left that offer you stuff for free, these ladies pay out money to make this stuff for you. If you don't want to see them go pay to use , then remember your manners, it's not much to ask when someone gives you something is it? Oh and the " i get all my kits from the "Feed" isn't an excuse for not having basic manners. Rant over *slowly returns to my own Blog*

Anonymous said...

Love your kits and really appericate ya'll sharing your time and talent to make and sahre all of your wonderful kits.

susie said...

love your work..and thank you very mush for sharing with those who don't know how to do what you do..

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Just wanted to say Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic work with us.It truly is appreciated.:)

Christa said...

This chaps my behind as well because the people who are too lazy to offer a simple thank you while waiting for the download as someone said, are the SAME people who whine and cry when people like yourself go ptu because they are tired of being taken advantage of. Get some manners people! There are too many greedy, inconsiderate folks out there, but there are also those of us who love and appreciate everything you do for us and never hesitate to say so.

Anonymous said...

I agree that a simple thank you is such a small thing to ask for. I appreciate how you kindly share from your heart and your wealth of talent. It is a blessing to be able to use your work in creating layouts from my ancestry research to current photos that family send to me. I appreciate you and pray blessings pour out on you for the gifts you freely give to others.

God bless you Honey!

Janis said...

I for one sure do appreciate all your creativity and generosity in sharing your gorgeous kits....have tried a few tuts for doing scrap and I know the time and effort that goes into making these kits......don't think I have the patience to do them so would rather snagged them from artists like you both.....so thank you thank you for all you do and thank you for all of those that have not thanked you......we appreciate you both and what you do .......blessings,Janis

pennyrials said...

Awww I just love them all so sorry some do not say thank you I try and do always.I see the hard work that goes in them and love that you are not ptu and I am not one who can afford to buy all the time.And yours are always top notch to me. I have them all and use them all the time.Thank you both so much. Huggs Penny

Autistic Inspirations said...

I completely understand what you mean. I have several downloads that have almost 100 or more downloads and not a single thank you.

LoL @ Frosted.... Amen to that

Anonymous said...

I love your kits and wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put into them and for sharing them with us
Your the best

Belinda said...

Sorry some people can take 2 seconds to say thank you I do, i didn't download that specific kit Love all your kits and appreciate all your hard work!!

Carole said...

I am new to the paint shop pro and digital scrapping thing, but I definately appreciate everything you have offered for free.. so yes, I want to say thank you!!

Shell said...

I agree.. I have always said its sad that people can't take a moment to say thanks! You spend so much time creating and giving to us for free its little enough to ask... I for one appreciate all that you both do!!

**hugs shell**

Anonymous said...

You know what ? Sometimes I do say thank you but totally admit there are times I get so excited , download and run off to tag, lol..I completely apologize for possibly being one of the ones at times and promise to make it more a point to say thank you prior to download so I dont forget, to you AND other scrap makers...because your time in making these kits are definitely deserving of our appreciation, you have no idea how happy I am for beautiful scrap kit creators like you...THANK you TONS & you'll definitely be getting for sure thank you's from me from now on.. , Big hugggggz sylvie xx

Donna from Florida said...

Thank you so much for the kit, it's beautiful. I know how you feel, I make kits also & like you said people want to snag them but don't want to say thank you. It really does get dispointing. I read all my comments also. Thanks again. If you would like to visit my blog just go to:

I don't have a lot on there right now I deleted alot of kits. But I'm working on one it will be my blog Sat June 28th. All my kits are free also.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I really enjoy all the lovely items you both freely share.

Thank you,

Diane said...

i was only ranting about this on my blog the other day .... I know and appreciate the time and effort that goes into making scrap kits, I make them myself and i downloaded your bit of a bug the other day ..its gorgeous!, I of course used my manners (hugs)
I always find it shocking that so few can take the time to type out a 'TY' while waiting for the link to load!...
have added you to my fav blogs to visit

hugs Diane x

Cathy said...

I just want to personally say thanks for all of your hard work, and all that you do. You are a kind soul. Too bad there are lots of ungrateful, selfish people out there in the world. It's a cold world. lo!
Everything you offer is appreciated so much.

Anonymous said...

I love your kits, and appreciate the time and genereousity to give them freely. Thank you so much for
helping to make our tags more fun.

Sarah said...

thank you very much...sarah from Alabama

LadyTigr said...

It's such a sad situation that people are so pitiful that they can't even take the time to say thank you...It saddens me tremendously when I see the number of downloads compared to the number of comments, that people will take with out at least saying thank you...I ALWAYS leave a comment at 4shared and 98% of the time I leave a comment at the blog too...I can't afford to purchase the kits, so I rely on wonderful, generous and talented designers like you wonderful ladies...I wish there were some kind of script that wouldn't allow you to download until you leave a comment so that others are forced to leave a comment in order to download..I know some of the store forums will not give you the download link until you leave a comment...It's just sad that some people have to be forced to say thank you or something in order to get something so beautiful for free...But my heartfelt thanks go out to both you Missy and you Yvette for your fabulous talent, your hard work, and your kindness and generosity...

Angela in NC

Anonymous said...

I love all your scrap kits and you are wonderful to share them for free. Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I love your work , and i have been one of those who has taken and left , I am sorry, I know better , and i won't do it again, thank you very much for all that you do, CD

Anonymous said...

Thank You for you Scrapz, they are wonderful. God bless your hands for designing!

Anonymous said...

i love the kits you ladies offer. I feel so ashamed because I have never left a comment. Your legitimate rant really convicted me and from now on i plan to leave lots of LOVE. Thanks for all your hard work and for the generous act of offering them as freebies.

Diane1945 said...

What a bright and cheery kit! Thank you for being so generous with your talents.

Anonymous said...

I really love your work! thanks very much! You are artists!
InĂªs (Portugal)

Mari said...

I have just joined and I agree!!! I have used psp for years and offered free lessons to teach other how to use it as well. I stopped doing that when people stopped appreciating. It only takes a minute or less and there certainly is a lot of work in these kits. Thank you ladies for all you do. I know I appreciate it very much.

Liwayway said...

Hi there I love you blog...and I am having fun browsing there :D keep up the good work. Can I add you in my blog? I would love to have your blog in my own blog as well :D

deb said...

I would like to thank you for these wonderful creations! I also play with PSP and have for years and don't come close to what you can do! I know the hard work that goes into each element. I greatly appreciate all your hard work and sharing!
Thank you so much!

Bits N Bobs said...

I posted about this exact same thing.

People are just sooooo ungrateful it makes me so damn mad.

I think I must have thanked your girls for almost an hour so far today LOL

Marijke said...

Hi Missy en Yvette,
Thanks for the lovely wordart en the templates too.
Hugs for you both

Winged said...

I would like to thank you for all the lovely kits that you offer for free. I have been downloading for about a hour or so and happened across your "kinda disappointed" post. I don't know if we should post after ea DL or here. So I am thanking you all here. I hope that is ok. All of your kits and goodies are lovely and it is much appreciated!
Thank you again,

Skinni said...

I just found your blog from another
tut site.
I have seen your kits & I have just snagged the "Kinda Vintage" Kit.
It is lovely.
I agree with you about being dissappointed. You have 189 comments. That's quite an accomplishment as I have been sharing stuff I make for a couple of years & I never get a comment. Not 1 word. Not one person who has snagged my creations have ever bothered to say TY for anything.
I often wonder why I even bother. I probably wouldn't except creating is an addiction & it keeps me home at night. I think it's a sad world today when There is no "Home" schooling. I was raised back in the day to say TY...So TY Yvette for your kit.
It will be used to create something beautiful that someone will snag and not say TY for. Without your beautiful stuff, we cannot make our beautiful stuff.
I appreciate you sharing & you can't beat the price tag. So few of us are left that share just because.......