Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ive Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Rachel lol. Scraps Of Enchantment. Cheers hun x

These are the rules:
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Heres 7 facts:-
1. I only smoke when ive had a drink & im with friends - i hate it as well lol, i try not too but cant help it. Must be a social thing lol

2. I love love love dance music. The harder the better lol. Ive been to a few raves in my time & ive loved every single one of them

3. I have been with my bf Chris for 11yrs - he was a one night stand lol. He is my soul mate & we are soooo alike

4. I have 2 beautiful girls Clear & Macie. They are like chalk & cheese. Clear is the princess, all girly girl & Macie is the tomboy, climbs everything, even you if you stand still for long enough lol

5. Im a stay at home mum cos i choose to be. Up until i had Clear 4yrs ago ive always worked but i decided i wanted to wait until shes at school which is in september

6. I love reading books. If i get a good book i can finish it in day! I like crime, thrillers, scary etc

7. I love partying!! If the kids are staying at their grandparents for the night i can still be partying til 8am lol. Then im on the settee for the rest of the next day lol

Im tagging:-
Missy - Misfits Scrapz lol
Lisa - Frosted Illusions
Lisa - Arty Pharty
Tracy - Angelz Creationz

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Scalloped Frames

Good morning everyone. Monti has a fantastic tutorial on her site on how to make scalloped frames so i gave it a try hehe. You can fond the tutorial at Montis Pixel Playground. Hope you like them. Ive made them all grey then you can colourise or add any papers that you like. Please note the frames are for personal use only.

Download here

New Kit By Yvette

Hiya everyone. Started this kit yesterday, finally finished it lol it has loads of stuff in it. Nice & bright too. Hope you like it. Dont forget to say thank you lmao :P

Kit includes:-
20 - papers
5 - glitter buttons
5 - glitter hearts
5 - ribbon eyelets
5 - templates
4 - bows
4 - flowers
4 - frames
4 - wraps
3 - butterflies
1 - alpha

Download here

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Kinda Disappointed

Yvette and I work hard on these kits, spend money and our time making them and still give them out for free!!
So we feel a little disappointed that people are quick to snag our kits but leave no thank yous
I mean it doesn't take a minute to say thanks
We really appreciate the ones that do say thanks and leave nice comments we do read them all. I made a kit yesterday purchased the ladybugs because I thought they would make a fab kit and that kit already has 802 downloads but only 139 thank you's, I mean wow so i'm thinking whats the point.
Anyways rant over lmao just wanted to say it doesn't take a minute to say thanks :p

New Kit by Missy - Bit Of A Bug

Woot got another kit for you all
I really love this one and had fun making it hehe

Ain't those ladybugs just the cutest lol
I hope you love it as much as I do
Not everything is shown in preview lol

Download here

Kit Includes
12 - papers
5 - bows
1 - bug in bow
1- watering can in box
3 - epoxy buttons
3 - eyelet bows
3 - journal blocks
1 - key
1 - ladybug sticker
3 - photo prongs
3 - ribbons
3 - ribbon wraps
2 - tags
2 - tags with string
2 - texture tags

Monday, 23 June 2008

Frames, Frames & More Frames

I made these frames sometime back in January, forgot i had them until yesterday when i was sorting my 4shared out lol. Thought id repost them on the blog in case anyone would like to use them. Iv posted previews of them all so you can see what they all are. Previews are smaller. Hope you like them.

Download here

Sunday, 22 June 2008

New Kit - Serina's Passion

Hiya everyone
Hope you all are well
Got a new kit for you woot!!! Been a long while I know
Been busy with real life stuff and our new group
This kit is named after my good friend Serina she sent me a colour pallette so thought i'd name the kit after her hehe
It is jam packed with goodies all is not shown in the preview lol
I hope you all like it I had fun making this one

Kit Includes:
13 - papers
5 - bows
2 - bow charms
2 - beads on string
2 - blossom branches
2 - cushions with bows
2 - envelopes
4 - folded flowers
1 - frame with ribbon bow
2 - glittered edge tags
1 - marker pen
1 - bead chain
1 - notepaper
2 - ribbon bows
1 - rose with leaves
2 - tags
1 - tin plaque

Download Here

New Kit - Boys At Play

Hiya, was talking to my friend Ali the other day & she asked me to do a boys kit. Ive been asked before to do kits for guys but to be honest i havent a clue what to add to them lol. I found these cute papers & the kit just went from there really. So this is my first boy kit!! Hope that someone likes it & it can be used lol

Kit includes:-
8 - papers
4 - ribbon eyelets
4 - labels
2 - pockets
2 - binderclips
2 - zips
2 - frogs
2 - feathers
2 - frames
1 - notepaper
1 - crayon
1 - pencil
1 - car
1 - worm
1 - scissors

Download here

Thursday, 19 June 2008

New Kit - Fresh Summer

Hiya, wow weve been so busy with our new group that we havent been able to make anythng new lol. Just in case anyone would like to join our psp grooup, Creative Misfits, you can find it HERE. Ok heres my newest kit, i hope you like it. Was a bit worried it looks like all my last ones. I really liked the colours & the papers i made first so i got the name from them. Not really summery lol. Ive got an Alpha to go with this too so when ive finished it ill upload it.

Kit includes:-
11 - papers
1 - notepaper
4 - frames
4 - bows
4 - flowers
4 - folded ribbons
4 - buttons
2 - envelopes (psp files cos theyre in 2 layers)
2 - tags
3 - wraps

Download HERE

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

New Kit - Girly Girl

Wow its been a while lol. So much as happened since the last kit came out but its all worked out great lol. Started making this kit last night, didnt have a clue where i was going with it, started it off by making the boxes first, so everythings been made around them lol. Anyway i hope you like it. Not all is shown in the preview cos i couldnt get it to fit lol

Kit includes:-
10 - papers
4 - flowers
4 - frames
4 - bows
4 - diamond shapes
2 - butterflies
2 - flower banners
2 - strings
2 - wrapped ribbons
2 - tags

Download HERE