Friday, 31 October 2008

New FTU Scrapkit - Happy Halloween

Woot happy halloween everyone.

Yesterday was a nightmare of a day lol. I was straightening my hair with the GHDS which go to 200 degrees & i burnt the tips of 3 of my fingers :S Then i was making kids dinner later on and i burnt the top of the same fingers on the oven OUCH!!! They were really hurting & have peeled a bit.
Took the kids to a halloween party last night, they loved it!

Ok ive got a halloween kit for you lmao it was used in a challenge in mine & Missys psp group & now thats finished so i thought id share it anyway lol.
Also i just wanted to let you all know that i will no longer be doing PTU kits & for those that like to stir trouble no its not cos i wasnt making money cos i made more than i thought thank you! I just get a better buzz from making freebies. I always get over 2000 downloads & i love that. I have 1 kit where i have 8, 678 downloads. How fantastic is that!!
Hope you like it

Download here

Sunday, 26 October 2008

New Kit By Missy - I Heart You

Hey everyone

wow long time since I've posted on here lol
Well i've finally got a kit for you yay!!!
This was supposed to be a mini kit for our msn group
But I just kept adding stuff so thought i'd share it here with everyone lol
I was only saying other day to a few friends that I was thinking of giving up scrapping
Yet here I am with a new kit woot, lets hope my scrapping mojo is here to stay pmsl
I hope you like this kit its full of some nice pinks, red and abit of black
Not everything is shown on the preview as always pmsl
Don't forget to leave some love if you download :0)
Missy xxx

Download here

Kit Includes:

14 Papers
1 beaded doodle
4 bows
2 corner edges
2 doodles
2 double hearts
2 dragonflies
1 flower
2 folded ribbons
3 frames
2 hearts
2 heart gems
3 keys
2 lillies
3 love ribbons
2 tags
2 word label

Saturday, 25 October 2008

New FTU Scrapkit - Snow Princess

Hello everyone
Ugh i started this scrapkit at the beginning of last week & i bought the tubes 2 weeks ago. Since ive started ive seen a few other kits similar so i got bored half way through sorry lmao. I was gonna bin it but thought sod it lol. I hope you like it

Download here

Monday, 6 October 2008

New FTU Kit & A Note

Hello. First off i would like to mention that this morning i reported 39 links to my scrapkits where people had re-uploaded them or shared them in bits & claimed them as their own. This is NOT allowed, its stupid really cos the time its took people to upload them they could have linked to the blog instead! It got me really angry cos a few were PTU kits that ive had to remove. Please do not upload them to any sites, direct people here if they want to kit, same goes for tut supplies - thank you.

Right now on to this kit lmao. Ive just got this kit finished now. Wasnt sure about the colours cos i think it looks my Bit Of Romance kit lol. The locket is in psd format cos it has 2 layers. Theres a glass layer so you can put a picture in it. Hope you like the kit

Download from here

Friday, 3 October 2008

Please Read Regarding Kits

Im really sorry but due to Scrappin Doodles changing their tou yesterday i have to pull all my kits down. Even tho the tubes were purchased last week. Seems some sad person reported my kits to them about the usage of their work. Well i hope your happy now. Ive been told that cos the tou changed yesterday & the kits were already up theres nothing they can do about it but i wanna be safe than sorry & not get into trouble. As of now the past 3 ptu kits will no longer be for sale. Ill also be looking elsewhere to buy my art from.
Thank you & once again i am sorry

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Please Read About My Halloween Kits

Omg im really sorry to Scrappin Doodles. I didnt read their tou properly. Due to TOU these kits contain more than 3 tubes of there work which is against there freebie kits TOU.Soooooooooo ive had to make it PTU, Ive kept the price very very low though £1.50. I am so sorry about that. Ill change all the posts where it says Ftu. Ive pulled all the links & ill be adding buy buttons as soon as i can.
Once again i am really sorry. If you downloaded this kit please do not use & delete it. Its against the tous