Saturday, 20 December 2008

New Scrapkit - Christmas Time

Hello everyone

Ok so i feel like im behind again cos i see other designers firing out New Years kits :S. Im sorry but can we not just get christmas out the way first. Maybe im being a grump but i felt as tho halloween & christmas was rushed on me cos people were rushing to get the kits out. Thats why i said i wasnt gonna bother making any christmas or new year kits. By the time comes to make them im bored of seeing them & theres nothing left to make cos its already been done!

Anyway i suck at christmas stuff lmao thats why i havent changed my blog or my tut site. Im not happy with this kit at all lmao. I almost scrapped it twice but thought someone will use it hehe.
Hope you like it

Download from here - also please dont forget to leave some love x

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

New Scrapkit - With Love

Ive dedicated this scrapkit to everyone that left a comment on Missys post hehe. Thank you so much for the lovely comments & im really happy that me & Missy have the support that we have, its just amazing.

Hope you like the kit & dont forget to leave some love hehe

Download Elements here
Dowload Papers here

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Bling Snowflakes

Ok this is the last lot lol. Hope you like them


Download here

Frosty Snowflakes

Heres some frosty snowflakes for you. You cant really see the frost on the preview cos theyre small lol. There the same size as the other ones 500 x 500


Download here

Acrylic Snowflakes

Hello everyone. Hope you are well hehe.

I was playing round in photoshop yesterday & made a snowflake, thought it came out nice so i did a few more lmao. Theres 9 in this pack. There all sized at 500 x 500.
Ive made some frosty ones too so will post them when ive done the preview.
Hope you like them

Download here

Friday, 5 December 2008

Oh My God WOW

Oh wow!! I cant believe it lmao. Was getting all these emails about an email that Missy had sent & i thought what the hells going on lmao. I really dont know what to say lmao im just in shock - Missy lol i will kick you later.
Ive been thinking about this all night, i shouldnt have rushed in & posted about me quitting, i should have thought more about it first. Chris said i was silly to let this bother me. I just think i got caught up in the clipart craze thats going round at the minute lol. I managed before so im damn sure i can manage again. I just hate running out of ideas & thats what i was afraid of, that my kits would either start getting boring or looking the same lol.
Wow took me ages to read all the fabbie comments, messages, emails etc that i have recieved lol quite a lot. Im so glad that i have a friend like Missy who did this for me hehe & im glad that so many people agree with what she said & want me to carry on. I guess no matter what you do theyll always be someone out their waiting to ruin it for others. Im just sad that the psp & scrap world has got to this.

Anyway ive decided to not let them win & carry on. So for a pressie to all you wonderful wonderful people im gonna make a scrapkit dedocated to you lol :P
Thank you all

Petition To Stop Yvette Quiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oooh i'm gonna get my arse kicked for this lmao oh well hehe

I was going to keep quiet about this but why should I when us taggers will lose a great scrapper. I don't think Yvette should let some jealous ass troublemakers get to her and stop her from doing what she loves!! That is exactly what they want

Yvette I love you dearly and would hate for you to stop making kits!!!
You don't need to use clip art to make fabulous kits - besides everyone is using them, its good to be different anyways :P Just carry on doing what you been doing making fab free kits! - Plus the fact I don't wanna be a Misfit on my own lmao

Too all you taggers that use Yvettes kits please lets at least try to stop Yvette from quiting
Please comment on this post if you would like her to carry on - maybe then she will change her mind

oh and if you don't see me for a while its because she kicked my arse AGAIN pmsl


Missy ♥

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Please Read Regarding Kits & Some Sad News

Hello everyone
I see the jealous trouble makers are at it again. They have nothing better to do than go round blogs and reporting people to designers about usgae of their stuff. Unfortunatly ive had to remove my last 2 kits Pink Ladybugs & Santa & Co. The site i bought the tubes from said that i could use them as tubes but had to use a texture, which i did. Ive been told since by the designer that the tou needs to be followed from her site, so i guess where i bought the tubes from have the wrong tou. Ive bought loads of tubes as well from the designer over the last few days so im a bit upset by it all.
Im sorry if you downloaded the kit, im not sure if this means you cant use it anymore, i really couldnt tell you. Might be best to delete it.

Also i would like to say that i will no longer be making scrapkits etc. Im tired of all the crap that goes with it, cant use this that the other. People rushing out & buying stuff months before so that when others come to use them its already been done. I think the scrapping world has been ruined by too many people making scrapkits & also too many PTU kits,. No one is writing tuts anymore :S so ill be concentrating on writing tuts lmao. I have put all my scrapping stuff which is over 10gig away.
Thank you to everyone for their comments in the past & im glad you enjoyed my kits

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

New Scrapkit - Pink Ladybugs

Morning everyone

Ive just finished another kit lmao wow 3 kits in a week. Not too bed eh? Im just trying to use all the tubes ive bought over the past couple of weeks.
Hope you like the kit

Download here

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

New Scrapkit - Santa & Co

Hello everyone ive got a new kit for you.

Feels wrong doing christmas kits when everyones been firing them out since beginning of november lol
Was hard finding tubes too cos everyones already used them
Hope you like the kit, only started it this morning lol

Download here - dont forget to leave some love

Monday, 1 December 2008

New Scrapkit - True Blue

Good morning everyone
Got a new kit for you, its called True Blue cos its got tons of blue bits in it lol.

Just wanted to post a note as well ive been noticing that quite a few people have been downloading templates & kits from both me & Missy, we know now that 4shared requires you to login or have anaccount to leave comments. If you dont have one then you are more than welcome to post comments on the blog. Wed really like that. Also please do not upload to any other sharing site, i deleted over 40 links these past 2 days with people uploading my kits & templates. It takes less time to grab the link or link to our blogs than it does to upload.
Thank you.

Hope you like the kit lmao
You an download it here