Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ive Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Rachel lol. Scraps Of Enchantment. Cheers hun x

These are the rules:
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Heres 7 facts:-
1. I only smoke when ive had a drink & im with friends - i hate it as well lol, i try not too but cant help it. Must be a social thing lol

2. I love love love dance music. The harder the better lol. Ive been to a few raves in my time & ive loved every single one of them

3. I have been with my bf Chris for 11yrs - he was a one night stand lol. He is my soul mate & we are soooo alike

4. I have 2 beautiful girls Clear & Macie. They are like chalk & cheese. Clear is the princess, all girly girl & Macie is the tomboy, climbs everything, even you if you stand still for long enough lol

5. Im a stay at home mum cos i choose to be. Up until i had Clear 4yrs ago ive always worked but i decided i wanted to wait until shes at school which is in september

6. I love reading books. If i get a good book i can finish it in day! I like crime, thrillers, scary etc

7. I love partying!! If the kids are staying at their grandparents for the night i can still be partying til 8am lol. Then im on the settee for the rest of the next day lol

Im tagging:-
Missy - Misfits Scrapz lol
Lisa - Frosted Illusions
Lisa - Arty Pharty
Tracy - Angelz Creationz


Sonel said...

Love your facts hon...:-) Send me some of your energy too..LOL!
Have a great weekend and thanks for all the gorgeous shares!

Anonymous said...

thank you ladies.....lovely stuff.....i'm artistically challenged....but with kits this lovely....maybe it's time to dust off my