Monday, 16 January 2012

~Please read~

I am disgusted in the things that two people have been saying about me. Dishonest? I am far from dishonest. If you two had took the time to actually notice you would know that i haven't been scrapping or doing psp in over a year. Is it my fault that you sent payment 4 days ago for a scrapkit i made 2 years ago? No it isn't, i didn't even know you had purchased it let alone sent me messages. I didn't even know the login to the email or this blog until 5 minutes ago. So how dare you say the things that you have said. I'm angry, hell yes i am all kinds of angry and you do not want to start now. My paypal says you haven't paid me so instead of waiting you start with the slander.

4 days is NOT a long time to wait for a scrapkit, you should check first that the kits are still available before you purchase. Again that is not my fault.

I do NOT do psp or scrapbooking and i haven't for over a year now. Please DO NOT purchase anything from this blog because you will not receive it. I no longer have the kits.