Sunday, 10 August 2008

Download Problems

I noticed that quite a few people have emailed me over the weekend about my shares, saying that the links are invalid. The thing is i have a paid 4shared account & im not happy at all about the service. Ive emailed them asking them whats going on. I have a horrible feeling that someone is reporting my links out of spite. I really hope thats not the case. For the time being i will not be re-uploading any of my old stuff & that includes scrapkits. Im so sorry but i dont have the time to reupload everything ive ever made. Hope you can all understand. When i find another upload site then i will be happy to do it. Until then you can email me HERE & i will send it you through email but please do NOT share my kits. If you use them in tutorials please link them back to here so they can see this message. Ill look round for a site today lol.
Thank you,


KcsBrat said...

hello yvette and miswsy.. You have won an award .. please sop by ,my blog for details.. Congratulations ladies.

hugs Kc

Debbie said...

Have you tried Box? I see some people using that. The address is