Monday, 28 April 2008

Our New Venture

Hi there everyone and welcome to our blog.
Decisions, decisions, decisions lol We was just going to get a blog each on our own but that would mean Misfits Scrapz would be no-more. We had abit of a think, abit of a talk lol and well here we are still a pair of Misfits lol
Here you will find our scrap kits, elements etc still free :0)
Our kits are aimed for PSP taggers.
Feel free to link to our blog
Yvette and Missy xxx


HSDesigns said...

Welcome to the Blog World!

Misfits Scrapz said...

Thanks so much Heather :0)

dj said...

This is REALLY REALLY well done. Thanks for sharing this beautiful kit.

virgo_66749 said...

Love all your scrapkits, new place is very nice and looking forward to more great things from you. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such nice kits.
Thanks for you hard work and time.
Gr. L.