Monday 16 January 2012

~Please read~

I am disgusted in the things that two people have been saying about me. Dishonest? I am far from dishonest. If you two had took the time to actually notice you would know that i haven't been scrapping or doing psp in over a year. Is it my fault that you sent payment 4 days ago for a scrapkit i made 2 years ago? No it isn't, i didn't even know you had purchased it let alone sent me messages. I didn't even know the login to the email or this blog until 5 minutes ago. So how dare you say the things that you have said. I'm angry, hell yes i am all kinds of angry and you do not want to start now. My paypal says you haven't paid me so instead of waiting you start with the slander.

4 days is NOT a long time to wait for a scrapkit, you should check first that the kits are still available before you purchase. Again that is not my fault.

I do NOT do psp or scrapbooking and i haven't for over a year now. Please DO NOT purchase anything from this blog because you will not receive it. I no longer have the kits.

Sunday 31 January 2010

New Scrapkit: Sweet Valentines

Good morning

This months scrap making theme over at Creative Misfits was Valentines.
All our members have done a fantastic job making their kits & you can grab them over at Creative Misfits Creations.
Below is the preview of the one that i made, please dont forget to say thank you as everyone has worked really hard.

Monday 9 November 2009

Glitter Brads

Good morning
Been playing in psp & made some glitter brads.
Theres 9 in this pack. These are personal use only.
Im going to have another play when i get back from the school run, see what else i can come up with hehe.
Hope you like them x

Download HERE

Sunday 8 November 2009

New FTU Kit - Cute & Girly

Good morning
Wow not made a kit in ages lol. I never seem to have the energy or time to do scrapping these days, plug i run out of ideas lol.
I started this kit at the beginning of the week & finally finished it this morning.
Hope you like it, please dont forget to say thank you :D

Download HERE

Tuesday 25 August 2009

New Links!

Cant believe how fast my bandwidth went yesterday lol.
Ive reupload all my ptu kits in 1 big zip file to 4shared.
I wont be uploading them again cos they take too long lol.
Please do not email me that the other links wont work cos ill just ignore them. Id already posted in the shoutbox that id reupload them this morning & over 50 people emailed me about the bandwidth, some werent nice either :(.

Anyway heres the new link :)